Q: Why PHP?!
A: Why not? It’s quick to write, easy to update and customize. And either way PHP won’t slow down backup process – there surely will be bottlenecks on Oracle server.

Q: Why Git?!
A: I like Git. It is quick and comfortable to work with. SVN was such a bitch.

Q: What services can I use to host my database repositaries?
A: We tried using github and bitbucket. Both worked wonderful for us.

Q: Can my commit history be wrong?
A: Yup, sometimes it can be not accurate – if someone worked changed object too many times between two backups.

Q: Why isn’t there web interface for installation or performing backup?
A: Installation should be accomplished very carefully. You can really fuck up your database. And for performing backups – it’s a long process and it can hang in browser for many hours – that’s not cool.

Q: Can I backup some of my schemas, not the whole database?
A: Yes, of cause! You can change database trigger or backup script appropriately.

Q: I found an error \ bottleneck in code or made a new feature!
A: Cool! Please, make a fork on github and notify me – we’ll merge as much exciting features as possible.

Q: Is it possible to make a complete structure backup and restore it with OracleToGit?
A: Right now, there is no tool for installing export from OracleToGit. However, it is pretty much possible and I can publish it on request.

Q: Can I backup data in my tables using OracleToGit?
A: Nope. And you don’t want it. Really.

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